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Gear Couplings

- Typically used in paper and process industry
- Also tambour clutches
- World’s fastest paper machines use gear couplings made by Supersteel
- Maritime and offshore clutches for propulsion units
- Assembled at our factory

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Gear Wheels

- Different gear box applications for maritime applications (winches), pulp and paper machinery
- Typically from steel casts
- Welded wheels capability

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Gear Rims

- Slowly rotating applications
- Maritime and offshore
- Windmill
- Pulp and paper
- Also helical
- Induction hardening inhouse

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- Transmission component connected to power unit, ie. Electrical or hydraulic motor
- Typically paired with gear rim or wheel
- Delivered case- and induction hardened

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Drive Applications

- Dimensioning and engineering
- Calculations and analyses
Consultation when determining:
- Drives and configurations
- Gearboxes and gear design
- Clutches and brakes

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Products for different business areas

Supersteel designs and develops power transmission components as well as complete tailormade solutions in compliance with environment and application requirements. Typical use for Supersteel components are propulsion units and deck machinery for ships.

The extreme conditions in offshore production require continuous R&D work with our customers. Supersteel is involved as expert in several projects, where classification regulations on equipment and material include arctic environment. Supersteel has during its very long history delivered several power transmisission solutions to different industrial business segments. We continuously supply maritime and offshore classified products according to: ABS, BV, CCS, DNV-GL, KR, LRS, NK, RINA and RMRS.

Supersteel has cooperated with Finnish forest and process industries for decades. The first mechanical power transmission components and products were manufactured for the different concrete application int eh 70s and after that we have delivered components to crusher- and drilling equipment.

Toothing Tooth grinding Inner Toothing Induction Hardening
Max. diameter 6,300 mm 2,400 mm 1,400 mm ~ 6,300 mm
Module 1–32 1–32 1–12 ~ 50
Tooth width 1,200 mm 1,000 mm 260 mm > 1,200 mm
Max. weigth 40,000 kg 20,000 kg 1,600 kg 30,000 kg
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